Flat Nasty Off Road Park (Missouri)


The Basics

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  • Daily Pass: Driver/Vehicle* $20.00
  • Daily Pass: Additional Person* $5.00
  • Annual Pass: Individual* $150.00
  • Annual Pass: Family* $300.00
Website: Flat Nasty Off Road Park
Trail Map: Map

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Full Review

Please feel free to call or email us if you leave a Voicemail we will get it and return your call

Flatnasty Office: 573.729.6668

Email Us: staff@flatnasty.com

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We do have a few rules to keep everyone safe and having fun…

•All participants (including children and passengers) must fill out and sign a waiver and pay admission fees before entering the park.

•No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to enter without a parent or legal guardian and supervised at all times.

•Proof of age and photo ID required.

•No alcohol or drugs (all vehicles are subject to search).

•Helmets are required at all times for motorcycle and ATV riders (no warnings–you will be asked to leave).

•Trail riding means stay on marked trails only–do not venture off.

•No pets in the motocross or scramble areas. A leash is required in all other areas.

•All four-wheel drive operators and passengers must wear seat belts.

•Infants & children must be restrained in a legally required child safety seat.

•All 4WD vehicles must have a roll bar or a hard top.

•Use a tree saver–do not damage any trees or you may have to pay for its replacement.

•All vehicles must have a functioning spark arrestor or muffler.

•Pack it in, pack it out. This also refers to cigarettes and cigars. Please pick up all of your trash. Anyone caught littering will be asked to leave (no refunds).

•No spinning of tires in parking areas or on the roads.

•No rain checks or refunds for break-downs.


We are not trying to beat you up with rules, but this is what it will take to keep the park safe and open.


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