Morris Mountain ORV Park (Alabama)

Morris Mountain Rock Garden
Morris Mountain Rock Garden
Morris Mountain Rock Garden

The Basics

Location: ,
Vehicles: ,
Hours: Open 2nd and 4th weekend of every month.
Rates: Standard Daily Rate $20.00 per day, per vehicle.
Weekend Rate $30.00 per weekend, per vehicle - includes camping. (No charge for additional passengers.)
Trail Map: Morris Mountain Trail Map
Weather: Find more about Weather in Delta, AL Click for the 5-day weather forecast.
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What We Liked

The park has a lot of diverse challenges and the campground has electrical outlets; not to mention it's a lot of fun!

What We Disliked

The facilities could be a little scary in warmer weather.

The Bottom Line

Morris Mountain ORV Park, with rock crawling and mud holes, is a fantastic place to test the capabilities of your Jeep. The owners are great, the challenges are fun, and the park is outstanding for every type of Jeep.

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Full Review

IMG_0164_zps7c22e816 Morris Mountain is one of my favorite parks in the southeast. It’s only fitting that I write my first official review on this very enjoyable destination.

Our local Jeep club holds their annual anniversary ride here and Kris and Randy Morris are fantastic hosts. The park is about half way between Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. Fort Benning is about two hours south of the park.

Now if you’re at ll like me, when I decide to go to new a place, I usually start by checking out the park’s website; and you should! There is great info about the park on it and some of the special events are listed on their calendar. In Morris Mountain’s case, don’t look at the pictures!!!!! Every single picture on their site is of big buggies going nuts.

Like this one for example. Yikes!

buggy jump

I pulled that picture off their main page and it gets a lot worse from there. It’s fun to watch these buggies do that stuff but I don’t have a buggy. At this point most of you are probably thinking to yourself, “I only have a Jeep, why would I even think about going to this place? It’s NUTS!”

Morris Mountain is the home to a handful of the East Coast Off-road Racing Series (ECORS) and Tough Truck Challenge teams and that’s where the majority of the pictures come from. However, let me put your mind at ease. Morris Mountain has something for everyone. Every vehicle type and every skill level has ample room to play; and you will all have fun at the park.

For stock Jeeps who are worried about damaging their rigs, every trail at Morris Mountain has a bypass. If you’re not comfortable taking a stab at some of the hill climbs or rock gardens, you can simply go around it. Now that’s not to say the bypass trails are boring. The first time I went, my Jeep was basically bone stock and had about 1,800 miles on it. I had a blast. For the Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee and stock 2 and 4-door Wranglers that make the trip out to the park, you will all drive away with a sense of accomplishment and pride in what your vehicles can do.

The facilities at the park are good. There is running water on site with two hot showers and real toilets. (The sink is around the building.) However, be warned in the warmer seasons the showers and toilets can become home to all sorts of crawly things. This is the south after all. If it gets really bad, it’s nothing a can of Raid cannot fix.

There are also electric hookups if you have a camper you want to bring, but there are no water or sewage hook ups on site. For tent campers, there are big and little fire rings set up all across the camping area with lots of trees for shade, and a big pavilion for gatherings and events.

And let’s not forget the trails.


Oscar is one of the founders of JeepsOnTrails and an avid Jeep enthusiast.

  • Joe

    Morris Mountain Offroad Park is, in my opinion, the best park to wheel at in the southeast U.S.
    I’ve been on two trips here with my Jeep Club and have had an incredible time each time I’ve gone.
    They offer a lot for every build level of vehicle your running.
    Bathrooms are horrendous, thats the ONLY drawback to this park.

    • I also love this park. the bathrooms are pretty bad but think of it this way. its that or a bush

  • Dirt

    Two things really stand out, the great park and the nasty bathrooms.