Outdoors in the Smokies (Tennessee)


The Basics

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Hours: Want to bring your OHV group here for the day? Just contact Dan via email and he'll set a date!
Rates: $15 driver / $5 per passenger
$10 camping rates apply for weekend stays
Website: http://www.outdoorsinthesmokies.com
Trail Map: Outdoors in the Smokies Trail Map

What We Liked

The owner is a great guy and is very accommodating. This is his private residence and he wants to make sure everyone has a good time. Event facilities are great for large groups.

What We Disliked

The park is still new, and does not have a lot of off camber obstacles on the trails.

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Full Review

Outdoors in the Smokies, Inc. is a private events facility.

The trails:

Outdoors in the Smokies is a great place for a weekend camping trip with a good group of friends. While there are some challenging climbs, most of the trails here are very beginner friendly, and would make a great place to take a group of new off-roaders for the weekend to teach wheeling techniques. This facility is a mixed use facility that caters to ATV’s, and mud runs/dashes. As of the time of this review (April 2014), this park is still being converted to host off-road vehicles so some of the trails are still too narrow for Jeeps. If you have a 4-door JK, some of the trails can be a little scary; however, it is nothing you cannot maneuver your way around. If you’re the exploring type, do expect some trail rash when the trip is over. There are a few challenging hill climbs that required us to use 4lo. The park feature a lot of vertical ascents and descents that can be fun to play on, and most of it will remind you of forest service roads.

descent on trail

tight spotview

There is one hill around the back of the park (Course 3) that is very steep, and very sandy; it requires pulling some cable to make it to the top, but the view on top of the mountain is well worth the challenge. There is also an obstacle course next to the camp grounds where you can go though a rock garden and a more difficult hill climb, but unfortunately because this is a newer facility, the course is not that big yet.


The Facilities:

The camping spots on the property are great.  If you look at the trail map you can see the main parking lot/camp grounds are located in the center of the park. Here are the general facilities on the property, and there are additional, smaller, primitive camp sites on some of the trails. There is a main 28’x40′ event pavilion located in the center that is available for use while camping. The pavilion features multiple bars, tables, and electrical hookups that make having a cookout very easy to set up. There is also a TV and a sound system that you can connect to and play some music while relaxing in the evening. We were able to use griddles and warmers to cook dinner and breakfast; we may have brought a coffee maker as well. 


The camp site features a central bon fire location. We were able to fit a group of about 25 people around the fire very easily to stay warm at night. There is also a beautifully crafted log cabin that sleeps 4 inside for the rate of $30 for the weekend. If you’re not keen on peeing in the woods, there are Porta Potties near the pavilion for convenience. A great bonus feature for this facility is an outdoor gun range that is available to rent with prior arrangements.

camp fire



Other Nearby Activities

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is located about 30 minuets away from the park. This is convenient if your group wants to go out on the town or if camping isn’t everybody’s thing.

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