Bell Mountain (Georgia)

Bell Mountain
Bell Mountain
Bell Mountain

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Trail Head: 34.937388,-83.739072
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What We Liked

It's an amazing view up at the top.

What We Disliked

The ride itself is kind of short. Will need to pair it with another trail to make traveling worthwhile.

Bottom Line

The view on top of Bell Mountain is amazing, but the trail itself is short. When coming here, it may be good to pick another trail to go on during the same day.

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Our Thoughts

Bell Mountain is a short little trail located in Hiawassee, Georgia with an amazing view at the top. Although it’s short, it does have its own set of challenges.

Bell Mountain

Bell Mountain

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Wei lives in Atlanta, GA, wheels a 2013 JKUR, and is a co-founder of Jeeps on Trails.

  • shane

    Bell is a good ride,Just not in the rain.The other place to go is called Charlies Creek Road or Persimmon Road has some fun offshoots and a great river crossing at the end.

  • Redding_11

    Bell was pretty awesome, especially when you have all these people walking up and down and all the Jeepers just ride on up 🙂

    • Yeah that happened to us last time we were there. Couple of hipsters in a Subaru turned off the road same time we did. they stopped at the base and started walking. We were coming back down before they got to the top.

  • From the top of Bell Mt. It was just stunning! I think I had my eyes closed most of the way down though!

  • Yes my little stock jeep made it with NO problem! 🙂

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  • TJ

    This trail is blocked off to OHV vehicles now (if not already), it is being turned into a hiking trail.

  • Casey Steele

    Wheeled this Trail at night and it was awesome, especially the view from the top!!

    • Rckeeps

      Do you think a stock 02 ford escape could make it to the top?

      • Casey Steele

        It could if I was wheelin it!!

  • Ray Swanson

    Update on this trail: Bell Mtn is no longer a good OHV trail. It has
    been graded and paved for tourism purposes. The challenges of this road
    are now history, but the view is still nice. There’s also talk of paying a toll in the future to venture to the top.

  • Paddy McGregor

    Can anyone confirm whether or not you can drive to the top of Bell Mt still?

    • Jon Rickett

      You can drive up there in a car now. It’s all been graded and paved by the county.

  • Jon Rickett

    Thought you might be interested to see Bell Mountain after it’s been graded and paved…

    • Ryno5150

      What a shame. Paved so the unwashed masses can go up in their minivans. As someone who likes to hike as well as wheel, this saddens me.