Horse Pasture Rd (South Carolina)


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Availability: open seasonally
Trail Head: 35.0216689,-82.8778173
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  • Cory Richardson

    Beautiful trail, outstanding views. Mostly gravel access roads. A must see!

  • John DeLaurier

    Mostly gravel access road with several great vistas.

  • Peggy Martin

    Went to the horse pasture yesterday . Great roads . Gravel one lane ,beautiful views of mts and lake . Access road are open now.

  • Nolan Sritan

    I’ve been on these trails a few times. Mostly gravel roads. Take the first or second fork to the left to go to Laurel Fork Falls. There’s a road that goes down, through a small creek, to a parking spot. A mile hike (includes a foot bridge) to the falls. Great spot for camping too. Overall fun trails.

  • ashley welborn

    Great stories , years of history a beautiful place to enjoy with friends and family . Dirt bikes or 4×4 are your best choices or horseback to enjoy the long steep curvy fun ride .

  • Chris

    Relativley easy gravel road trail with many offshoot trails. One lane road so be cautious when rounding corners. Bring a chain saw after any ran storms there was a few trees across the road.

  • Nathan Hall

    Gravel road all the way up, plenty of hiking, also WMA land. I enjoy the drive. There’s nothing major here at all. Well maintained roads. 2 creek crossings, plenty of campsites, and beautiful views. My favorite place to get off the beaten path in SC. If anyone wants to set up a ride, get your friends together, and i’ll get mine and let’s go. 97 Cherokee. Explorer 8.8 rear. 4.10’s. 33’s soon to be 35’s.

  • Nathan Hall

    View from “jumping off rock”

  • Mike Rollins

    My daughter and I went up last Friday afternoon. Very well maintained trail. It started raining about half way up. First time “Off Road” in her Jeep. We had a blast! Very good learning trail. Highly recommend.