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Product Description

I’ve had a lot of questions about my rock lights lately and I thought I would share a very brief how to. I assume at this point the reader will know basic electronic principals and how to splice wires. This will not be a step by step. Every Jeep is different and location of the lights is up to the installer.

The LEDs can be placed where ever you would like. I put 5 in front of my front axle, 5 behind the rear axle and 5 on each side of the tub.

Parts List

  • String of 20 LED light modules. These can be found on Amazon or Ebay by searching for “12 volt water proof leds 20
  • Wire
  • Switch
  • Small sheet metal screws
  • Plenty of splices and terminals
  • IF you are going to use the rock lights for illuminated approach lights you will need
    • One¬†1N4001¬†Silicone Diode available at radio shack

The schematic below will help you wire these lights up.

Rock Light Wiring

The thin yellow wire with white strip in passsenger foot well bundle is the dome light switch. This wire can be used to tie into the rock lights so that they come on with the dome light giving you an illuminated approach as seen in this video.

There are two yellow white wires in that bundle. the thinner one is the dome light circuit. The diode is necessary to keep your dome light from coming on when you turn the rock lights on with the switch. Any questions ask in the comments below.


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  • Matt Thien

    Great stuff. Thank you. One quick (dumb) question I’m gonna ask to validate what I *think I already know. I don’t want a switch at this point (planning on using them as approach/vibe/safety lighting only). So, if I just tie them into the dome light wire do I need to do anything else besides splicing the positive into that dome light wire and then grounding the black wire to the frame (or grounding screw near the passenger foot bundle)?