Engo E9000 winch



Product Features:
  • Rated Line Pull 9,000lb. (4090kg)
  • Motor 5.5 HP, Series Wound
  • Gearing 3-Stage Planetary
  • Gear Ratio 235:1
  • Clutch Free Spooling
  • Fairlead Hawse
  • Rope Synthetic 3/8" x 85'
  • Net Weight 60 lb. (27kg)
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern 10" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime / 1-Year Electrical
Model Number: #77-09000S
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The Good

Fantastic product with high praise from off road magazines and users alike.

The Ugly

Solenoid box only mounts over the drum. A side mount option would be nice.

The Bottom Line

The new ENGO E Series winches provide all the best features you would want in a winch. Using state of the art Series Wound Motors, efficient 3-Stage planetary gear train, automatic load-holding brake, rugged hand remote, freespooling, power In and Out, and stainless steel fasteners. The new E Series offers the perfect balance of speed and power giving you the performance you need for your recovery applications.

Posted May 3, 2013 by

Product Description

I have been looking at these winches since they came onto the market. The few times I had bumped into them on a trail ride I had always been impressed. The build quality, excellent user reviews, and the low price is what caught my eye and started me looking at swapping my old winch for a new Engo.

I was previously running a Smittybilt XRC8 winch that had served me well for a couple years and I’m sure it will continue to function flawlessly for the new owner. The one flaw with the XRC8 is that spooling line out is a royal pain. Getting the cable off the drum would take almost as long as spooling it back in. This is why I sold the XRC8 and moved to the Engo E9000.




 Test fit:

Looks good. Fit my bumper perfectly.


The install instructions are excellent. Very easy to follow. Ive done this a few times for a few friends so this only took a few minutes too do.

First step:

Installing the solenoid box: (I would later undo this because I decided mounting the solenoid under the hood would be better.)
Attach the solenoid box above the drum with the included bracket.


Then attach the power cables to their appropriate locations. They are color coded for your convenience.

Slip the protective boots over the terminals.
The grounding strap and the long black cable attach on the underside of the winch.



Route the cables up to the battery behind the grill and install the 4 bolts that hold the winch to the bumper. Remmeber to install all bolts before tightening any down to avoid having to loosen some up because a bolt wont thread.



If you like this setup you can stop there.

I personally like to be able to see and access the drum if need be so I decided to remote mount the solenoid box under the hood.
First thing I did was open the solenoid box.
After determining this was going to be very easy I disconnected the cable from the battery.
In order to save money I swapped the two red wires in the middle. This allowed me to mount the solenoid box close to the battery and then run the longer red cable straight to the winch.
I then made a quick trip to my local auto parts store and bought two more 6 foot long 4ga wires to replace the two black wires coming out of the solenoid box. swapped them and routed them from the battery to the winch.
This is the end result.






  A very clean look and the solenoid is now better protected from the elements and I can reach the drum.





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  • Robert

    How did you mount solenoid box above the battery. I just bought this winch and like your idea.

    • Hey Robert. Sorry I didnt get an email about your response. (need to fix that)
      The solenoid is mounted to the top of the batttery with some industrial velcro. I was hesitant about this when I first did it but its been solid for awhile so I trust it now.