Poison Spyder Hood Louver

PSC hood Louver (17)
PSC hood Louver (17)
PSC hood Louver (17)


Product Features: Poison Spyder Hood Louvers are crafted from quality, thick gauge aluminum sheet. They are CNC laser-cut and precision die-stamped. Aluminum makes the hood louver both light weight and corrosion resistant. But its thick enough to add some rigidity to the Jeep's notoriously thin sheetmetal hood, helping to reduce "hood wobble" at speeds.
Model Number: 17-53-010
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Looks Good & Lets out a lot of heat! You can see it!

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Once you drill that first hole there is no going back

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This thing looks good and serves a purpose too. Pull the trigger you wont regret it.

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Product Description

This hood louver looks great and serves a purpose at the same time; Form and Function in one box. The idea is to give the hot air that is usually trapped in the engine compartment somewhere to go. Crawling around in the summer heat with no real airflow in the engine bay can really build up the temperature. I plan on wheeling with some people that don’t have one and comparing engine bay temps with a laser thermometer at different points during the ride and recording the results. I’m hoping that a 20-30 degree drop in temp is possible but I wont know until I get a chance to test it. I will update this when I do.

The included instructions and template for this item are fantastic and the JK instructions can be found here. I wont get into how to go about doing this because the instructions are excellent and will vary slightly  for different models of Wrangler. I will say it’s really easy to cut into a cross brace if you’re not careful so be careful. You can order the louver in bare aluminum or powder coated black for a little bit more. I went with the black because that’s the color I was going to paint it anyway and the price of paint and primer made the price difference a wash. It was hard cutting into a brand new hood, but I got over it quickly. Check out the slide show for more pictures of the process.

From Poison Spyder

Cool That Engine!

The Poison Spyder Hood Louver helps keep your engine running cool by promoting airflow through the engine compartment. Many factors can contribute to high under-hood temperatures, which can translate to higher engine coolant temperatures and overheating. Headers, slow speeds, flex fans, and the cramped spaces of the engine compartment can all contribute to increased heat and reduced airflow. This Hood Louver kit frees up airflow through the engine compartment, allowing hot air to escape and cooler air to be drawn in through the radiator, improving cooling of both the engine coolant and under-hood air. Rock-crawlers and slow-moving vehicles are especially susceptible, as slower speeds naturally result in reduced airflow.


Oscar is one of the founders of JeepsOnTrails and an avid Jeep enthusiast.

  • Joe

    Hey Oscar, Did you notice any differences in engine bay temperatures yet?

    Very curious if this would be anything more than a cosmetic mod.

    • Hey Joe. I see heat come raging out of this thing when ever I’m not moving fast especially in the summer. The temperature gauge will not show anything as it does the water temp and the thermostat controls that temp. At stoplights I can see the air above the hood change and when crawling it is obvious more hot air is getting out. I don’t think its just cosmetic.

    • Shawn

      I agree with Oscar. Logan got me this as a Xmas Present and I installed it over the Holiday break. I have definitely noticed more heat being let out of the hood via the vents and Logan has even commented a time or two at how much he can notice the heat now. This was a great addon to the jeep that does more than just look good 🙂