Rock Hard 4×4 Parts License Plate Relocation Bracket with ORO PlateLITE



Product Features: Bracket has CJ, YJ & TJ Bolt Patterns 3 White LEDs for license plate 3 Red LEDs for third brake light
Model Number: RH4006
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The Good

Mount is simple and very effective. Works with a lot of different bolt patterns.

The Ugly

The brake light could be brighter. Some wiring required but simple enough.

The Bottom Line

Great product that does job it was designed for effectively.

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Product Description

During a recent wheeling trip my license plate bracket had a slight disagreement with a tree…. and lost. 2013-04-05 18.08.01
So I went on the hunt for a good alternative plate mount as I’m not really a fan of breaking something and then replacing it with the same thing that broke. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I looked at several products on the market and settled on the Rock Hard 4×4 Parts License Plate Relocation Bracket with Off Road Only Light combo kit available from several retailers. I picked this kit for a couple reasons. One of them being, that since I had installed my rear tire carrier I have been running around without a center mounted brake light. This kit offered both an led plate light and led brake light in one simple kit. This kit will work for several different types of wranglers but the wiring below is only good for some of the JKs out there.

Box contents:

DSC00049 First I removed the center cap from my spare. You wont be putting it back on. DSC00051

Next I Removed my spare tire. the Rock Hard plate mounts to the lugs behind the tire. DSC00052


Then I put the other piece of the bracket on the Rock Hard mount and added the ORO light kit.


Then added my license plate. DSC00055

Note: The below worked on my Wrangler but may not work on yours. Jeep has a habit of changing wire color codes for no apparent reason. Use a multimeter or test light to verify all wiring connections.

Wiring the ORO (Off Road Only) Light kit.

First thing I did was route the wiring. I routed the wire threw part of the tire carrier tubing to help protect it from snags and damage. DSC00058


I then ran the wire behind the bumper and up behind the brake light for a clean snag free setup. DSC00068

I then opened up the back of the tailgate where my oem third brake light plugged in. When I located the plug using a multimeter I verified that the white with gray stripe was the third brake light powered wire. DSC00061

I then traced this wire back to where it split from the tail light harness. be careful to make sure you get the correct wire because there are more than one white with gray wires in this location. When I found it I cut it and spliced in a new wire. being careful to leave enough wire headed to the tailgate encase I should ever need to return it to stock. DSC00062

I then routed this wire with the brake light harness threw the hole in the tub. DSC00063

Behind the light:
I connected the red wire on the ORO light harness to the wire I had just rerouted from the tailgate.
The green wire form the ORO light harness connects to the running light circuit. In my case the white with purple stripe wire running into the brake light housing.
And the black wire is for the ground. For this I used the black wire also running into the brake light housing. DSC00065

After that I secured the wiring harness and reinstalled the brake light assembly and tested the setup. The only remaining question was what to do with the hole where my old plate bracket had been. All of the licesne plate delete plugs on the market are made by mopar for the euro spec jeeps(their plates are bumper mounted). The part number for this plug is 55397112AA and is available from most any dealer or by searching for it on the web. DSC00050

All Done. DSC00067


Oscar is one of the founders of JeepsOnTrails and an avid Jeep enthusiast.

  • Shane Durham

    So I assume this would work with any tire carrier, correct?