Rough Country Forged Track Bars

Rough Country Track Bar vs. Stock
Rough Country Track Bar vs. Stock
Rough Country Track Bar vs. Stock


Product Features:
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Massive 1.25in outside diameter
  • Made of forged solid steel
  • Nearly double the weight of your factory track bar at 16lbs
  • Fully adjustable while mounted on the Jeep
  • Perfectly center your Jeep's axle
Model Number: JK Adjustable Track Bars




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On-vehicle adjustable and fairly priced

The Ugly

minimum lift of 2.5in Required

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Product Description

mainWhen you lift your Jeep, one of the many things that needs to be addressed is the axles no longer being centered between the frame rails. When you push the axle away from the frame, the track bar, due to the way it connects to the axle and frame together, will pull the axle off to the side. While this is less noticeable at lower lifts up to 2.5 inches, it is still recommended that you recenter your axles. If the axle is out of alignment, you will get odd handling issues, and possible clearance issues.

Another major issue that can be tied to the track bar is the “death wobble.” If you are not familiar with this, take a moment and read up about it on the internet. Because of this, we at Jeeps on Trails HIGHLY recommend re-torquing all track bars to 125 ft/lbs at every oil change (this is specific to the JK; other models may be different). The other issue with the oem track bar is that it is incredibly weak. A good forged replacement will make a big difference.

The forged replacements I’m writing about today is the new Rough Country track bars. These forged track bars have only been out for about a month as of this writing (March 2014), so there isn’t much information about them. We have the stats listed above, so I won’t cover them here. However, the good people at Rough Country were nice enough to send us a set for test and evaluation.

My initial thoughts were, “WOW! These things are beefy.” Compared to stock, it is almost double in weight. The build quality appears to be very high and the powder coat is of a high quality as well. Take a look at the “Unboxing” tab below for a comparison. If you are in need of a track bar at a very reasonable price, give the Rough Country Forged Track Bars a look. They carry a lifetime warranty from Rough Country and in my experience their customer service is among the best in the industry.

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2014-03-11 16.00.27
2014-03-11 16.01.10
2014-03-11 16.02.56
2014-03-11 16.02.50
2014-03-11 15.19.32
2014-03-11 15.22.23
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Rough Country is available for direct orders
M-T: 7-10 | Fri: 7-7 | Sat: 8-5 (cst)
@ 1-800-222-7023
or by clicking the links below.
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