sPOD & Source System For JK

sPOD & The Source
sPOD & The Source
sPOD & The Source


Product Features:
  • 6 switches for multiple accessory hook ups
  • low voltage cut off for battery
  • interchangeable fuses
  • optional air pressure gauge
  • optional dual rocker switches
Model Number: 600-12
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The Good

Very clear instructions, and allows for easy attachment of accessories and lights.

The Ugly

High initial cost, and it's not strong enough to power a winch.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a clean way to connect multiple accessories, and don’t want to drill holes for switches and run wires at random places, this product is for you!

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Product Description

The sPOD is a must have product for anyone who wants a reliable, simple, and easy install for their accessories. The quality of the sPOD itself, and its packaging is great as well! The sPOD was my first choice for handling accessories on my JK. The system is built for consumers who want to add accessories, but do not want the hassle of having to wire and drill holes for switches. Some people may think that the 6 switch system has way too many switches; however, when you actually put it into perspective it’s just right. You are able to wire more than just lights and LED light bars with the system. Some of the other things you can power up with this unit are: air compressors, front and rear lockers, CB radios, auxiliary fan, and more. So let’s look into the details of the product that you will receive.


I ordered mine directly from www.4x4spod.com. The reason I went directly to the dealer is because I wanted to be able to pick my switch colors. The total price was $435.00 and an additional 15.00 for shipping. The sPOD can be purchased at other retails that include free shipping if you are happy with the standard switch color pattern. (Note: Some retailers will allow you to pick your own colors on their ordering page, but your mileage may vary.)

sPOD with green switches

Product Details

The price of the product may come as a sticker shock to some people; however, when you look at the quality of the product and the time you will save by not having to wire each new accessory separately, it is well worth the price of admission. One of the best features included in this set up is the automatic power cut off. If you forget to turn one of your switches off. The system will automatically cut off before the battery gets too low. This is extremely helpful on the trail if you are by yourself. Another great feature of the sPOD is that you are able to change the fuses per switch. This means that you can run a 15 amp or 30 amp fuse depending on what item you are running.

The main selling point of the sPOD is the ease of adding new accessories to your Jeep. All you have to do is run the wires to The Source system in the engine bay and you are set! I personally enjoy the ease of wiring that the sPOD has brought to my life.


The way the sPOD is set up makes it extremely easy to install. Anyone can put this product on by themselves with the excellent instructions provided. Compared to other companies’ instructions (or sometimes lack thereof), installing a sPOD is a piece of cake.

The instructions are detailed for both automatic and manual transmissions and come with colored photos. It starts with removing the upper window plastic trimming and installing a mounting bracket. If you are running a hard top you can still use the existing center lock for it with this switch panel.  After installing the bracket you may have to trim away a small portion of the plastic on the top trim to make it fit flushly. I am not very skilled at fabrication, but with a Dremel tool and some masking tape it only took a few minuets to make the window trim fit back into place. The wire from the switch panel is already hooked up to the switches and wrapped into a nice bundle that is easy to run down the window trim. I followed the wires from the rear view mirror and zip tied them together.

The sPOD does not have a second wire that taps into the signal for turning on/off interior lights. If you purchased the version with the double light rocker switches, there will be a button on the left that allows you to turn the bottom row of lights off.

The sPOD does not have a second wire that taps into the signal for turning on/off interior lights. This means if you purchased the version with the double light rocker switches, they are hot (on) all the time. Don’t worry though, there is a button on the left of the sPOD that allows you to turn the bottom row of lights off.

Once the wire has been run through the trim it goes though an existing hole in the firewall. You can simply use a knife to make an X pattern, or a screwdriver to punch it through to get the wiring to the other side. After that, you mount The Source system using existing screws and plug the wire from the switches into The Source system. Once that is completed, you simply run the power cables to the battery and you are set to accessorize your Jeep with lights galore!

the Source, mounted

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