Teraflex 1″ Spacer (Front and Back)

Teraflex 1" Puck Lift
Teraflex 1" Puck Lift
Teraflex 1" Puck Lift


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Front Spacer SKU: 1953075
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Easy to install, easily corrects droop or rake where needed.

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The Bottom Line

If your JK suffers a lean, rake, or simply needs some extra clearance, the Teraflex 1″ spacer just might be what you’re looking for.

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Product Description

After installing my MetalCloack 3.5″ Game Changer Lite kit on my 4-door JKUR, I thought I would be able to conquer most off-road obstacles. However, during certain rock crawling courses, I was still rubbing my stock fender flares when the tires are stuffed into the Jeep. We tried adding a 1.25″ body lift, but even that wasn’t enough to gain the clearance needed for the tires when stuffed. Also, despite having the maximum bump stops in the rear, it was still not enough to keep the tires out of the wheel wells and popping the retainer clips of the stock flares.

Luckily, Teraflex has a solution for this very thing.

We installed a set of front and rear 1″ spacer lift onto my Jeep on top of the MetalCloak lift, and the process is pretty simple if you aren’t shy about working on the Jeep suspension. We simply put the Jeep on jack stands, remove the coils and the factory rubber insert, insert the Teraflex on top of the factory insert, and put the coils and bump stops back into place.

Teraflex 1" Spacer Front

The rear spacer includes a guide for the coil and it snaps into the Jeep during the install. PRO TIP: The install can be made easier by adding some grease or WD40 onto the puck before putting it into place. A proper install requires the puck to snap into place, and to do so, simply place the pucks above the coil and lower the Jeep back onto the ground. If seated correctly, the weight of the Jeep will snap the pucks in place.

Teraflex Rear 1" Spacer

I’m glad to say that after running this setup for a few months now, I no longer have to keep extra Mopar clips handy for the Jeep fender flares. The extra height is just enough to keep the tires from spinning into the flares, and best of all, it makes my 3.5″ MC lift look even better!

Olive with Puck Lift

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Wei lives in Atlanta, GA, wheels a 2013 JKUR, and is a co-founder of Jeeps on Trails.