Teraflex Dana 44 HD Differential Cover

Teraflex Dana 44 HD Diff Cover
Teraflex Dana 44 HD Diff Cover
Teraflex Dana 44 HD Diff Cover


Product Features: Fits all Dana 44 housings- standard & high pinion
Model Number: 3990650
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The Good

Major increase in protection thanks to the 3/8" thick ductile iron.

The Ugly


The Bottom Line

The TeraFlex HD44/CRD50 differential covers are designed to offer extreme protection from rocks, obstacles and other debris on the trail.

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Product Description

Aftermarket differential covers are something that every off-roading Jeep owner should invest in. At a minimum you should reinforce the front one. The factory cover is thin and will bend easily when impacted. This can cause lots of damage to the internals of the differential and end your wheeling trip prematurely.

As you can see in the photo below the Teraflex diff cover is substantially thicker than the oem cover it is replacing.
2013-07-22 16.44.26

On the JeepsOnTrails 2012 JKR we had initially put a Solid brand differential cover on the front and while it did the job and probably saved us from being stranded more than once it did have an issue. At full lock it would rub the tie rod. I could have taken the grinder to it but instead it was moved to the rear of one of our other Jeeps.
2013-07-22 16.49.23

First thing we do is gather up our materials.

What You Will Need2013-07-22 16.53.01

• 3/8″ Drive Ratchet
• Torque Wrench
• 3″ Ratchet Extension
• 13mm Socket
• Oil Catch Pan
• 75W90 Gear Oil
Front Dana 44 1.35 quarts
Rear Dana 44 2.375 quarts


Then using a 3/8 drive ratchet drain the fluid from the differential.
2013-07-22 16.56.19

Remove the old diff cover. In this case it is the Solid brand.
2013-07-22 16.57.27

Pull the cover and clean the mounting surface and the internals of the differential.
2013-07-22 17.01.59

Reinstall the drain plug and apply the RTV to the mounting surface of the new cover. Allow RTV to sit until it becomes tacky. Usually just a few minutes.
2013-07-22 17.10.12

Place new cover on differential and start all the bolts.
2013-07-22 17.14.50
2013-07-22 17.16.08

Tighten the bolts evenly then torque to 30 Ft. Lbs.
2013-07-22 17.20.46

Fill Differential with fluid and install fill plugs
2013-07-22 17.22.55Front Dana 44
1.35 quarts
Rear Dana 44
2.375 quarts


Enjoy the new protection you’ve added to your Jeep. 2013-07-22 17.41.47


Oscar is one of the founders of JeepsOnTrails and an avid Jeep enthusiast.