TJ Poison Spyder Trail Stinger

PS trail stinger III
PS trail stinger III
PS trail stinger III


Product Features:
  • Main hoop stands 27" from its base at a 47° angle
  • Trail stinger
  • Allows use of stock tow hooks
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The Good

  • Opens up the wheel wells
  • Functional
  • Aggressive

The Ugly

  • Can not add D-rings
  • No powder coat option from Poison Spyder

The Bottom Line

Overall a great product for the price. Provides a sturdy bumper that is functional while being affordable. Quality product with great welds and 3/16 steel. Looks more aggressive than front bumper and you can see the furthest most front area of the jeep which allows for maneuvering on the trails while in the drivers seat.

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Product Description

PS trail stinger III

Shortly after purchasing my 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport I began looking for modifications. The first mod I performed was the PS Trail Stinger Front Bumper. After looking around at front bumper for a long time and reading reviews I decided to go with this bumper. I loved the style and look it gave my jeep. I really wanted a front bumper that would allow me to keep my front tow hooks, open up the wheels, and provide aggressive looks while remaining functional. This bumper does just that.’

PS trail stinger II

I bought the front bumper from 4wd parts and it was shipped with a sticker on bare metal. This doesn’t matter much since the bumper will have to be sanded and painted. PS doesn’t powder coat most products themselves.

PS trail stinger I

The install was very easy, just remove 6 bolts remove old stock bumper then throw the new bumper on and bolt it up. Then you have a stinger front bumper and have completely opened up the front of your wheel well.

This bumper hold up to abuse. I have been using it for 6 months now and have had zero issues. It can handle what you throw at and then some. This bumper also allows you to see the furthest front piece of the jeep which helps with maneuvering on the trail. The quality of the welds and craftsmanship is second to none. This is a great product and certainly a worthy upgrade.

PS trail stinger IIII

Cody Quattlebaum

I drive a 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I live in Macon, Ga and work at Armstrong World Industries. I am a memeber of the WRJC and I have a Jeep problem.