What is JeepsonTrails.com?

Jeeps on trailsWelcome to our little community! The idea for this site came from a very interesting discussion our local Jeep club had around the campfire. The topic of conversation was “Where do we want to go next time?” While many of us have our favorite spots to wheel, we also enjoy checking out new trails and parks that we have not been to. However, whenever it got close to picking a destination, many seem apprehensive on confirming their attendance due to things they have seen or heard about these parks.

“I heard that place was boring.”

“I saw on YouTube a guy rolled his buggy.”

That’s pretty much how the conversations would go for a lot of the places we considered going.

It is human nature to want to see the extreme, and to see carnage. The big buggy going mach 6 straight up a rock face and flipping over 6 times on the hardest obstacle at an ORV park is going to get more online discussions and shares than pictures of bone stock Wranglers that also go to these parks to ride on the green trails. However, from my experience the guy in the Wrangler probably had just as much fun or more because the by-pass trails can be a blast; and he didn’t destroy his vehicle.

I had a buddy explain it to me recently and it made a lot of sense. “Little Jeep, little rock. BIG JEEP, BIG ROCK!! The amount of enjoyment is the same.” All parks showcase their most extreme rides; yes, even amusement parks. However, the pictures of crazy rock crawlers or 10 feet deep mud holes with purpose built rigs all over them is not the norm. It’s actually nothing like that.

A stock Rubicon with a winch.

I talk to new Jeep owners all the time that don’t want to, or are afraid to take their brand new $30,000 Jeep off-road. “I see what happens on YouTube. I’m not going to do that to my rig!” or “I don’t know if I want to go off-roading. My Jeep is fun but I don’t have 40 inch tires.” I try to explain to them that it’s not all like that and you don’t need big tires or a big lift kit to have a great time enjoying the off-road sport.

Truth of the matter is that the Jeep is an amazing vehicle in factory form, and it will take you to a lot of places. If you add a couple of cheap and easy modifications it will take you a lot more places. The best part about Jeep experience is the people. Join a club, and check out a charity event at an ORV park. Some of my favorites are The Santa Crawls (toys for tots) and Wheeling for the Wounded (Wounded Warrior) rides. The people there are awesome and they all support great charities.

Camping and Jeeping!

This sport is usually full of great people who are willing to share experiences, stories, a helping hand and most importantly, beer. I would have to take my socks off or wear sandals to count how many Jeeps I’ve worked on in the last 3 months. Pizza and beer is all the payment I have ever taken. My payback comes when we are out on the trails and everyone is having a good time.

DSC00229So what IS JeepsonTrails.com?

We started this site to help new Jeepers find places to take their rigs off-road. We want to provide accurate, up-to-date reviews of the trails and ORV parks near you – without the hype and crazy misconceptions that a lot of these parks project. We figured the best way to achieve this is to get fellow Jeepers with stock and modified rigs to tell you about the trails in your area.

If you’re a veteran wheeler, tell us about your experiences on the trails and share your pictures. If you’re new to the sport, we want to help you find a legal place to off-road, learn about your Jeep, and to do so with a good group of people. We want you to get out there and enjoy the trails, enjoy the Jeep, and enjoy the camaraderie; then come back and tell us all about it. Together we can all give a little bit back and the off-road community and benefit as a whole from it.